Our real-time operating embedded system has many perks

AYBS is a traceable and real-time operating system which offers many benefits by adapting itself without disturbing the overall operation and by running with a quick integration process.

Increases efficiency

Minimizes the risks of unnecessary data duplication and data inconsistency

Reduces costs

Determines accurately the establishment’s income-expense balance and reduces operational costs

Provides traceability

Maximizes supervision and traceability by gathering all work units in a single application

Facilitates process management

Guides promptly each work unit through the next phase according to the task they have completed

Minimizes losses and leakages

Reports reasons that may lead to technical and/or commercial losses-leakages and automatically initiates preventive procedures accordingly

Provides planning and control

Allows to make realistic forecasts thanks to its systematic data flow and thus minimizes possible deviations in the future